Environmental policy

I’m not a great one for accreditations, awards and external affiliations and even a policy sounds quite formal. But I definitely think it’s important for my business to consider its environmental impact. I try to do everything possible to reduce the contribution of Burnett Design to climate change and to take some responsibility for the health of the planet.

There are four key areas where I know I can make a difference by doing the right things – and they’re not all as obvious as you might expect...



Within my business, I only use 100% renewable electricity. Bulb has been a reliable supplier to Burnett Design since 2019 and its electricity is sourced from solar, wind and hydro generation. Even its gas is 100% carbon neutral. You can find out more about Bulb on its website.

But as well as the electricity that powers my office, I am also very aware of the energy used by hosting a website or whenever a visitor looks at a page. I’ve been a member of CO2 Neutral Website since May 2021. This organisation offsets my energy use and then my membership fee finances renewable energy projects around the world.


I work hard to reduce, re-use and recycle waste in the business. Reducing waste by becoming a paperless office is a big challenge. I think I’m almost there with everything from bank statements to contracts available in digital form to avoid unnecessary paper and I’ve seen huge reductions in the use of paper and printer toner.

Re-use is quite difficult but I do it where I can, whether for packaging or simply using both sides of a sheet of paper!

Recycling is a priority with all the plastic, paper and card used at every stage of the business going to local recycling facilities.


I run a car but I try to use it as little as possible and my business has the big advantage of many clients being within easy walking or cycling distance. Where that’s not possible, my first suggestion is an online video call rather than travelling to a face-to-face meeting.

Mind you, if clients are in Lancaster or towards Windermere, we’re lucky to have train connections from Kendal and rail travel can be an attractive option given the local scenery.

Supply chain

Last but not least, I know that my choice of suppliers can make a difference to my extended environmental impact too.

A key one is print and I place a lot of work with MTP Media in Kendal. They’re close by (see above for transport) and they offer a good selection of recycled and responsibly sourced papers for all kinds of print jobs as well as water-based inks as standard.

Is there more I could be doing?

Improving environmental performance is open ended as there’s always more to tackle. I’m very aware that clients (and browsers of my website) may be aware of other things I could do to reduce my impact so, if you have suggestions or have come across green schemes that might help me take a few more steps, please get in touch. Thank you.