Whether you’re looking to develop branding for a new enterprise, completely rebrand, move an established brand on a stage, or draw up some brand guidelines to ensure consistency and proper usage of brand elements, I can help.

Brand Design, Rebranding, and Logo Creation

With two decades of  experience, I know that the most essential part of the design process is the discovery phase – once I have a clear understanding of you, your product or service, your existing and prospective customers and the marketplace in which you are competing, I can create something special.

In all of the branding work that I undertake I keep the principle of how best to visually represent your company at heart – this will help your customers, website visitors or service users to enjoy the best possible experience when engaging with you.

Brand Design and Brand Creation Services from Burnett Design

Everything your company displays, says, does and produces communicates the core ideas, values and aims of your business. By selecting just a few colours and typefaces, I create strong, memorable brand identities. I put a lot of time and effort into finding the right way to distill your brand essence into a series of simple, unique, and instantly recognisable elements from logo to typefaces, colour palette to image treatment.

With brand design and creation services from Burnett Design you get experience, creativity and a passion for good, lasting designs that support the growth of your business.

Burnett Design, Brand Design – My Skills

Corporate Identity

If you know what sort of a visual statement you would like to make, how you would like to communicate your business philosophy, how you view your firm, and how you would like others to view it but your identity is missing the mark in any or all of the above, I can easily resolve any issues. Through colour, design and words we can work together to create an identity that ticks all of the boxes.


Your brand reflects your personality and creates a sub-conscious expectation about the quality of a product or service, good or bad. My mission is to make sure that your visual brand prompts positivity and high expectations from existing customers and prospects.

Brand Guidelines

Developing guidelines to maintain brand consistency is good practice. Particularly if your branding is communicated across many marketing online and offline platforms – guidelines keep the brand tight and each brand element at its best, no matter where or how it is used.


Good brands evolve over time but every so often you need to reposition in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Whether you need a brand evolution or a complete brand overhaul, I have years of experience in helping businesses move their brands forward in order to retain relevance.

Logo design

The simpler the logo, the more it will be remembered. Talk to me about creating an eye-catching, intelligent logo that speaks volumes about you and your business.