Website Design & Development

If you’re looking to gain a stronger online market presence than your competitors it is vital that your website engages your audience, communicates your brand values and highlights your products or services.

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We have many years of experience in working on website projects (large and small). Whether you are looking for a large-scale, high-functioning, content-managed website or you’re a new business looking to get a foothold online via a blog-led website, we apply the same design and build principles.

Our aim is to create a user-led approach to designing websites, focusing on the user’s experience and building your site so that they can find their way round quickly and easily – getting straight to the product, service or information that they need. This approach is backed up by adherence to the latest web standards, ensuring that your website will perform well across a huge range of modern web browsers, mobile devices and tablets.

What can you expect from a Burnett Design website project?

A website with simple, intuitive navigation, helping the user to move through the site quickly and easily without encountering dead-ends or struggling to find what they came for.

A touch-enabled website that works effectively on mobile and portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, providing a truly interactive user experience on the go.

Websites that are fast to load, featuring the latest techniques and technologies to ensure your website visitors (and Google) are happy with its speed.

A content-management system that is easy to use so that you can edit all areas of your site and keep your content fresh and bang up-to-date.

A search-engine friendly website with content that helps you to rank well in search engine results.

A website built on WordPress that fits with your budget and expectations.

Designing and building your website

The process for designing and building your website shouldn’t feel confusing or intimidating or complicated. We want you to feel that you’re part of an enjoyable, creative and highly productive process so we will involve you at every stage, listening to your requirements and delivering a website that meets your business and marketing goals.

We hope you find that our combined expertise in branding, graphic design and website development makes us a high-caliber web team and exactly what you’re looking for.


eCommerce websites to boost your revenue

An online store is your chance to sell anything, anywhere. With eCommerce capabilities on your website you are opening your business up to new audiences and potential revenue streams. Whether your target is to bring 10 or 10,000 products to the online marketplace we will build your eCommerce online shop with the same principles of simplicity and scalability in mind, which means that it can grow with you from your first order to your millionth and from one country to global.

eCommerce is not just for products either, it’s ideal for service-based ventures where customers purchase time, knowledge and skills, as well as for trading in virtual goods such as downloads, and eBooks. Whatever you’re selling We will ensure your store looks great on each and every device from laptops and desktops to mobiles and tablets.

Developing online shops on WooCommerce

We use WooCommerce for my eCommerce websites as it integrates seamlessly with WordPress and is now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web, so you can rest assured you’ll be in good company.

Because WooCommerce is open source (software that is designed to be modified and shared publicly for the good of all users) it also means that you won’t be locked into a bespoke or proprietary system, which could find you unable to transfer your site to another website service provider or facing charges every time you need an update. This choice of software is testament to my flexibility and the fact that I’m not going to restrict your future plans.